During my workouts, I will face my fears, reach failure, fight for fatigue, and find myself over and over again. So needless to say, choosing a gym is a pretty important decision.

I want to feel comfortable. I also want to be motivated to put in work, not lounge around watching other people sweat while I sip a latte. After scouting other big gyms, smaller chain gyms, and local community facilities, The Edge Fitness Center in Saginaw, TX is where I decided to build my booty gains (I use this gym slang with as much respect as it deserves).

Smaller gyms don’t get all the hype of the big, flashy, corporate-owned joints, but there are so many reasons why I now prefer a small gym, at the top of that list is it becomes familiar and welcoming. I don’t feel like a stranger every time I walk through the doors because I don’t recognize anyone. Here are a few other reasons my little “gem” trumped the corporate callers.

1. Cleanliness is everything. Nobody wants to go to a stinky, rank gym and breathe deep through their weight training! The air, floors, locker rooms, benches, surfaces… it all has to be clean!
EDGE Collage 12. Equipment quantity and quality is why we’re at the gym in the first place. So, give me a variety of weights, machines, and types of equipment, and I’m a happy camper! The Edge provides ample free weights (I rarely have to wait for weights), access to Les Mills’ videos any time (my yoga go-to), a CrossFit rig, a complete cardio section (not that I frequent that area, but I like to have the option), and space, so I have plenty of room to feel the burn without feeling someone else’s too!

3. Locker Rooms have to be delivering that clean, inviting vibe or I want no part of the entire club. My gym has private showers, a sauna, and yes, it’s always clean!

POWER & STYLE4. 24/7 Access so I never have to think about “squeezing” in a workout before closing time! Weekends are busy for me, but I don’t stress about rearranging my kids’ schedule to make sure I get a workout in because my gym is always open… it’s a must for me now.


Above all my personal reasoning, the community vibe is priceless. I loathe the “meat-market” feel of some larger clubs. There’s a sense of safety and accountability in a smaller gym that you just don’t get with added square footage. There is a pride of ownership at The Edge, and it’s obvious in the upkeep and the number of regular members.

If you’re local, I highly recommend this facility, and if you’re foreign, I can only hope you’ve found a little treasure as fine as my “gem”!

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