The story about my Posse- those little humans that keep following me… everywhere.

There is a constant inner dialogue happening in my mind. I am really trying to get more control over this epidemic, but it is proving to be a very trying task indeed. I have been this way for as long as I can remember- and I have a very good long term memory. Only recently did I realize that everyone doesn’t actually think as much as I do, about as many ridiculous things as I do nor in such vividly detailed story form as I do… This was nothing short of absolutely shocking to me!… Honestly, even now, I am shaking my head because I just cannot fathom not living with colorful pictures being painted and wildly entertaining and heart-wrenching backstories being noted with every human interaction I have ever had- the store clerk, the new friend from the park,… the very slow walker in front of me at Six Flags that I never quite saw a frontal view of, so had to fill in a few extra blanks as I imagined their life story. They all have start to finish speculatory stories written in my mind that they are completely unaware of.

Anyways, because I’m this weird, I find it instantly infuriating when a good storyline is interrupted. Whether it’s the phone, adult responsibiliities, or… my children. As you can imagine, epic tales are constantly brought to a screeching halt with “I need water… he’s hitting me… where’s my other shoe… are we there yet…” types of nonsense. My children are amazing kids, but heaven help me, I get a little claustrophobic sometimes with all the pawing, pulling, screaming, bouncing, needing, and whining!

So today, as they bantered back and forth about some nonsense toddling behind me as I entered the grocery store, it dawned on me:

I have a posse.

Me. Little ol’ me. I have a crew. A gang. A following of loyal, unwavering fans. I could cut left and they would, without blinking, follow left. I could duck behind a display of Halloween buckets and they would instinctively do the same. I could turn around and race back to the car and they would immediately follow suit. These are my followers. And I… am their super hero.

That’s right. Yesterday at Kroger, I just realized I’m actually famous. I’m a celebrity. And I’m not going to lie, I appreciated those little humans a little more. What used to feel like a force dragging behind me whenever I was trying to accomplish anything– laundry, errands, a workout… sleep– now is starting to feel like a fan club. Sure, it’s an overly-obsessive fan club with very few personal boundaries, but they have their high points. Like loyalty. And adoration. And cuteness.

I am a leader. And Thing 1 and Thing 2 are my people. I am a super star. And they are my unwavering fans. Pretty freaking cool.

My new plan of action: Next time when my fans interrupt my inner dialogue, I will bow and thank them for their undying love, blow them a kiss, and scurry off behind the curtain to escape the uprising of those crying, screaming, straight cray-cray groupies!

Stay safe, parents. My heart goes out to each of you.




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