When you belong to yourself, you stop asking for other people’s approval.

When we have low self-worth, we can find ourselves in a desperate cycle of what I call “Are You My Mother Syndrome”. We ask all of our partners, friends, bosses, and acquaintances to tell us who THEY think we are and if we can hitch on with them and be safe.

This stems from the question screaming from within us, “Do I belong?!”

We were born hunting to BELONG. We don’t stop until we feel the deep satisfaction of the feeling of belonging, security, and unconditional love.

Most of us spend our 20s, 30s, and even decades more asking our partners, “Can I belong to you?… Will you take me on?… Do you accept me just as I am?… Can I trust you to protect me and keep me safe?”

But no other source will be able to answer this primitive heart-question for you. There is only ONE line to the source of deep, fulfilling satisfaction. YOU.

Inside of you resides the source. Underneath the fear, beyond the triggers, through the wounds, and on the other side of everything you’ve been running away from… that’s where your belonging awaits.

When we stop allowing the shadows to chase us; when we turn around and look them square in the face–THAT’S we begin our journey to find the answer to the question we were born asking.

You don’t have to waste another day, sabotage another relationship, or perpetuate the cycle of insecurity anymore.

Stop hiding from your shadows and spinning in circles wondering why you can’t ever find peace when you’re alone or satisfaction in your partnership.

Everything you need is within you if you would only just create space to listen. Quiet your mind with deep breath. Still your pounding heart with a relaxing bath. Ease your soul by committing to paying attention to her/him from now on. This is how you begin to make space to hear what your soul is speaking.

When you stop looking outside of you for answers, you will learn that YOU get to be the answer. The safe place. The home. The protector. The guardian of your entire being.

And then you will know what a sacred treasure you are. Finally, deep within your spirit, you will understand your worth.





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