When I first discovered the key to life, I used the term relationships. Relationship to self and the world around me. But as I have chewed on this theory for seven years now, I have revised it. I believe the key to truly living has everything to do with our ability to connect. As you think about this, you will see how even our relationships with money, time, perfection, ambition, beliefs, motivation, trust, affection, curiosity, achievements, and everything else that drives a human will fall under one of these 5 pillars.

The 5 Pillars of Human CONNECTION:

1. Connection to Self

2. Connection to a Higher Being

3. Connection to Community

4. Connection to Nature

5. Connection within Relationship

Connection is the lifeblood that keeps humans in a state of truly living as opposed to slipping into merely existing.

When we connect in all five pillars, we achieve that state of euphoria. This is not to say that life is PERFECT, that is a fairytale notion.

The purpose of connection is to prepare a safe place to thrive and experience new things in life–knowing you have the circle of safety and completion around you at all times.

When difficult times come (because they will), having practiced, deepened, invested in, and nurtured your connections, you will be able to grieve, work, and grow through any challenge life brings your way.

Basically, CONNECTION is your best survival technique and the most secure path to fulfillment you will ever have!

Wherever there is a disconnection within your life, it will show itself negatively one way or another (usually through the body via your physical/mental well-being).

Paying attention to yourself is a critical element in achieving a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. But it takes PRACTICE, and that means commitment… to YOURSELF.

Set a daily intention to learn or implement a new way of connecting with yourself or the world around you. This could be sitting and observing your thoughts for 5 minutes, making a phone call to set up lunch with a friend, going on a walk and collecting flowers, journaling 1 page, spending time in meditation/prayer, or volunteering at an animal shelter.

Take small steps and work on one connection pillar at a time, but actively create space in your life to focus on building connection.

Some pillars will come instinctually to you and some perhaps, you will notice, have been completely off the radar your entire life. Either way, there is always room for growth and new depths.

Challenge yourself this week or this month to practice connection and make note of the changes you see in your mind (your thoughts), your body (the way you sleep and eat), and your spirit (the way you see yourself and others).

Wherever you feel you are lacking, look at where you could be connecting and make a move to do it.

We could all sit around waiting for life to get fun, easy, and more exciting OR we can make that happen for ourselves! I hope you’ll take this key to life and unlock the doors of possibility, adventure, and fulfillment that are awaiting you.





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