Ever think, “Kids these days are such… brats, left to their own devices, disrespectful, lacking character, etc.”? Probably.

It’s a normal part of adulthood–looking on the next generation with a head shake and a genuine concern for the grim future our society is shaping up to be.

Where did we go wrong? What can we do to fix it? CAN we fix anything or is it too late?

Well, it’s NEVER too late and I have the perfect starting point for those of us who have a radar for future generations and it’s going to blow your mind.

Practice honesty.

It seems ridiculously simple, and it is! But it’s also very dynamic in essence.

See, what a commitment to honesty does is it requires you to level-up (i.e. connect with yourself to find the root honesty in every situation in your life, uncover the bravery that has perhaps been lying dormant in your soul, act above what you’ve seen growing up by approaching others with respect and love even when it’s uncomfortable, as well as, face conflict, resolve fears, make eye contact, and so many other pure gold character building actions).

If you decide to be honest in all areas of your life, you’re going to automatically position yourself to do the work it requires to be someone of high quality integrity, therein ushering yourself into a new sector of socialization–one where respect and individualism are esteemed and small-time behaviors fall flat (like cowardice, avoidance, overthinking, codependence, etc).

Ugh. I know, whhhy would anyone sign up for that?! Ignorance is bliss, right? I mean, this honesty stuff is the kind of character that haunts you in your dreams when you’re sitting dormant on an issue of your worth or pecks you like a relentless ticking when you are happily avoiding what you know is the best (but hardest) choice for YOU (be it a conversation, job transfer, decluttering project, diet change, etc). Who needs that kind of resistance in their life anyway?

Integrity. What a buzz kill.


Maybe it’s actually the littlest doorway you’ve ever seen in your life, but it happens to lead straight to the honeypot of fulfillment of all the wildest dreams and heart-racing desires you’ve ever had since you could even dream up magic? Maybe that doorway to the “promised land”, the “good life”, the “other side” was so tiny in its simplicity, you almost fucking missed it (but luckily this chick wrote a thing about it on social media and you happened to read it from start to finish and it kind of actually messed with your overtly typical, uninspiring, perfectly mediocre way of life).

Maybe that’s what honesty will do to you. It’ll fuck everything up… all the things that were ruining your dreams and keeping you blinded, quietly content living below your potential.

I will tell you this: it takes a good dose of courage this kind of honesty experiment. And if you are one of the brave ones who accept the challenge, don’t fool yourself. Don’t you dare think this won’t hurt your ego or annihilate your reps and masks and personas and perfect images. If it doesn’t rock you down to the very cell of each foundational structure of your beliefs, attitudes, and habits… well, you’re not really living the honest life yet.

It may take a few turns around the wheel before it clicks–how to let honesty permeate every area of your life–so, just keep recalibrating and commit to the process again. The reward of your persistence will be like reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You’ll find yourself, your partner, your kids, your family, your friends, your work, your joy, your creativity, your inspiration… your soul.

Don’t take my word for it. Do it and see for yourself.





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