We all experience pain in our lives. It’s part of the gig. After living through not one, but TWO identity crises, I decided I needed a new approach to pain… and life.

I lost my first love, my husband of 10 years, and the father of my children… TWICE. Once in a hostile divorce and again when he took his own life only months later. I was lost in uncertainty and terrified of what other cruelty LIFE had in store for me.

I went on a quest to find all the tools I had needed during those devastating years but didn’t have. And I was in a hurry too, because what if another crisis was coming?! I searched, read, listened, learned EVERYTHING I could possibly soak in for the next three years.

And over that time, all the unanswered questions I had carried in my soul began to find their answers. One after another: Am I enough? Do I belong? Can I trust people? What is my purpose? Who am I? How am I supposed to be? Am I OK? I have so many feelings, so much pain; is there something wrong with me?

Once the answers started coming, my quality of life, emotional stability, and mental space began to multiple! I was building the life I had always dreamed of instead of reacting to life happening to me. And THAT is when I became UNSTOPPABLE.

Once I had a taste of that power mindset, I was addicted. So, I decided to build a business based on this idea:

Each one of us holds the power to create the life we dream of having.

We are carrying within us all the answers that we need. But often, life and relationships cloud our view. That’s where I come in; all of my work (podcast, coaching, workshops, social media, blogs) has one goal in mind: to get YOU the tools you need to FIND your power/purpose/peace.

So, welcome to MBK Productions! I hope you will dive into whichever method you prefer. Read, watch, listen, or work with me one on one! I want to support your journey to discovering your Authentic Self.

No matter where you are today (broken to pieces or ready to jump all in), as long as your heart is beating, there is hope. Keep taking steps to live. You are more than worth it.




Here’s where you can get MaryBeth’s full story on my life after suicide:

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