How To Let Go of Baggage and Live BIG in 2020

How To Let Go of Baggage and Live BIG in 2020

We all pick up extra “cargo” along our trek through life. You know, the hard knocks–unmet needs, disappointments, heartbreaks, betrayals, trauma, etc. It’s an inevitable part of life because we aren’t offered courses on How to Let Shit Go in high school… because they aren’t offered! And that’s an unfortunate disservice to our society considering everything we do, think, produce is connected to our mind and it’s ability to process input (emotions, information, responsibility) clearly and accurately. So, just to be clear, everything from how well we can focus on spreadsheets in a cubicle to our capacity to create and maintain healthy relationships depends on our ability to clear the clutter in our minds.

Most of us spend decades collecting clutter without any sort of clearing. Talk therapy, energy work, meditation, self-care, and other mindfulness practices are all common ways to get rid of some of that negative programming we adopted from our first family systems, relationships, and life events along the way. What happens when we don’t purposefully make space to flush some of that unconscious programming out is it begins to shape our beliefs about who we are, who others are, and how the world is. This is where it gets gooey. Sure the quirks our parents trickled down to us (sexist jokes, detaching in tense situations, avoiding conflict, etc.) is all fun and games until those thinking patterns start sabotaging what we’re trying to build in our adult lives. Healthy relational patterns, sustainable diet and exercise routines, profitable careers, and positive self-images do NOT build themselves. The most valuable things in life–our biggest dreams and heart cravings–take intentional action.

After operating with a janky hard drive for the better part of 30+ years, I now have a pretty badass “filter” on my programming. That means I regularly take inventory of the old programs that aren’t serving me anymore and search for new systems (of thought and action) that will help me elevate my capacity to connect. Reprogramming started off as a very daunting experience for me; it seemed there was more faulty programs running my beliefs, perceptions, and self worth than positive ones. But there was no way around it, I had to hack away until I found some new skill sets to serve my Truth. Over time, this “work” has turned from overwhelming to exhilarating. Every roadblock–the kind that used to send me spiraling–now bring me hope because I know each bump in the road is leading me to deeper truth about myself.

Life switched from happening TO me to happening FOR me when I was able to take the power back over my mind. What once seemed impossible to me, I now know it is possible for everyone. And the most ridiculous part is that it’s not even complicated. It’s not always easy per se, but damn is it rewarding. The return on investment is so categorically empowering, it literally makes the work (aka reprogramming/shadow work) FUN. And this makes LIFE fun–full of color, possibility, vibrancy, truth, purity, passion! It’s the ONLY way I will choose to live from here on out.

Because of this absolute gift I have unwrapped in the form of a SECOND CHANCE on LIFE itself, I am now building a career where I can help other people find their gift to unwrap! We all have them, and that’s freaking exciting! So, here it is, my friends:

Beginning January 1, 2020, I am officially launching the MBK Coaching Program!

If you’re reading this before January 1, 2020, then you have the opportunity to jump on board during my soft launch (October-December 2019). If you sign up for 1on1 coaching in 2019, you will get a drastically discounted monthly rate (40% OFF).

The name of my game is always straightforward, so I want to share exactly what starting my program will look like. We begin with a 20 minute consultation call to make sure we are a good fit for continuing with the program. Once we both give a HELL YES, I ask all of my clients to commit to weekly or biweekly (every other week) sessions for a minimum of 3 months. Each session will run 40-50 minutes and will usually be held over the phone: call or video chat. Payments are due on a monthly basis at the rate of $300 for 2 sessions per month and $550 for 4 sessions per month. Every sign up in 2019 will be discounted 40% off for the entirety of the coaching contract. So, that means, if you sign up before January 1, you will be able to LOCK IN your coaching rates at $180/month for 2 sessions and $330/mo for 4 sessions for the duration of our contract together! 

Let’s make 2020 the BIGGEST, TRUEST year we’ve ever lived! 

Email, call or text 817-438-0373, or message me on social media @marybethkoenes to get started!!

YOU deserve it! Let’s DO THIS!



Words Are Meaningless Until YOU Say They’re Not

Words Are Meaningless Until YOU Say They’re Not

Words are just words unless YOU give them meaning.

Faith, fuck, family, love, happy, marriage, bad, shit, honesty, right, good, truth, hell, belief, lie, dream, kind, relationship, passion, father, ambition, mother, friend… grass, sky, school, finger, rain, job… you get the picture. They’re all just words. (Say “grass” aloud 20 times and TELL me that word isn’t random af!:)

Until you assign a meaning and believe in that meaning, adopting what that word will stand for and hold value to, it is meaningless.

I first started thinking about this idea when I began to realize my idea of “marriage” was dying an excruciatingly slow, painful, inevitable death. I’d say, “Marriage. It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.”

I became so frustrated, feeling everyone who sang praises of being married had LIED to me and I had bought into the lie and ruined my prime years (twenties) and probably my children because of it!

Eventually, as I usually do, I began to see my responsibility in living the definition of marriage that I chose to be a part of and it wasn’t pretty. I adopted the idea that I would be submissive to my husband and try my damnedest to learn how to be gentle and… quiet. (In case it isn’t obvious, my influences were the church and the patriarchal system.) 

None of this went well for me, as I am the actual opposite of those things. I consider myself to be a wild woman meaning I have always roamed with spiritual beings in wide open spaces as a free bird, changing directions and a lot of other things on a dime and in my own time. But I am also deeply connected to myself and others, nurturing authenticity, drawing out the heart and holding it safely as it speaks to me and I speak back to it. There is a lot of tenderness and peace in who I am, but I prefer to not be corralled or limited to only one way of relating, being, or personifying the rushing waters of my soul.

So, “marriage” became almost meaningless to me because I began to see all around me that what I thought it meant, it didn’t actually mean at all. People were having affairs, becoming drug addicts, quitting their jobs and leaving their families, sleeping in separate bedrooms, and asking their spouses for “permission” to do this or that… it all made me want to puke.

I stopped holding marriage in such high regard. It wasn’t an achievement to me anymore–no matter how long some couples had endured it–because what’s the point of two miserable people continuing to miserably coexist forever and ever until one of them dies? That kind of existence is the opposite of anything I esteem.

Now, I’m not saying marriage is lost. But, as Mark Groves @createthelove says, “Since when is quantity over quality more admirable?”

All of that to say, my questioning of definitions and terms began with “marriage” then moved to “truth”, “reality”, “living”, “worth”, “honesty”, and pretty much hasn’t stopped since. Even cuss words are literally worthless unless you associate offense, passion, cruelty or emotion with them.

I get it, if someone said, “FUCK YOU” it would definitely be intended to puncture, but does that mean it has to? 

No matter what the words are, even when they’re “I love you,” I always read the full picture. The actions around them, the tone beneath them, the pain behind them, the hope in front of them. It’s not that I don’t trust people, but you know when someone is trying to manipulate you? HOW do you know? Because you’re reading all around the words. The words becoming meaningless and everything around them become the true message.

This makes the giving of meaning very powerful and the sort of thing that shouldn’t be done so… unconsciously.

When my son says in a fit of rage, “I hate you! You’re the meanest mommy ever,” it hurts my feelings because I give those words meaning when they come out of the mouth of the person I hold dearest in life. Even still, the meaning of those words isn’t SO deep that I become blind to what is happening around the words. Here’s what I see swirling around his firing tongue:

First, his age. Then I pay attention to how he is still learning how big feelings feel and how to let them move through him. Next I remember the times before (usually just hours before) where he softly runs his fingers through my hair and whispers, “I love you, Mommy,” with no prompting and straight from the heart. And lastly, I tune into what he is holding onto in this moment of hurtful word tossing, and that it usually his own… big shocker… hurt.

Ah, cue pivotal parenting moment! I will help him find the original point of pain and address that first, soothingly and with patience, then later when he is in a clamer state, we will circle back around to the hurtful words he threw my way. I will help him understand how they hurt me (and other people) and give him some better options for next time.

And the same goes with good words too. Did you ever date someone (or maybe you did/do this) who lavishly pours out love, intentions, and plans for a future with you and it seems so damn genuine, but then, in time, you discover it was all empty words and promises? Yeah… reading around the words never stops being important.

It’s always going to be OUR job to take inventory of other people’s full frame–not just their words, not only our feelings of attachment/excitement, not fixating on how they seem to meet our needs, and not only taking account for their actions either.

People who deserve to have meaning attached to their words–the people with high integrity–will show you that in the entire frame of who they are, not just pieces or scraps here and there. But that is on YOU to do your due diligence and not allow your wounds and insecurities to overlook the half-assed people in your life. You’ll learn how to do this in your own shadow work.

It’s part of paying attention to your life and living consciously. Learn to do it and you will be well on your way to becoming a relational jedi.

So, what words are hurting you? Fueling you? Filling you? Giving you hope? Piercing your heart? Makin’ you feel all the feels? Or triggering you?

Pay attention to what’s happening around those words. What behaviors support them? What messages are grounded and true about them? Is there any part of your “bullshit radar” going off about them? LISTEN. Get curious. Dig deeper.

Find your truth, then find the truth about the words you’re hearing (and speaking). 



I Send My Kids Secret Emails

I Send My Kids Secret Emails

My kids’ dad died when they were 6 and 4. Since then, I created email accounts for each of them and send them emails about new milestones, special moments, and thoughts I have about them. When they graduate high school, I will give them the login info. I started this idea because I wanted them to have special (real-time) notes from me in case anything happened to me (like it did to their dad), but it has turned into a beautiful love story between me and each of them. Here’s one from earlier this week (this is to my now 7year old son):

Well, today you had some DEEP thoughts. First, at dinner (luna grill:), you said something like, “I’ll love you till I die, then I can’t love you anymore.” Your sis: You can still love people after you die. You: no. you’re dead. Or maybe you can love where you are when you die, but not here anymore. Me: Hmmm, that’s actually really interesting. I wonder if when you go to heaven or wherever after you die, you can show and give love there, and maybe watch people here, but you can’t send love and people can’t feel your love back because you’re in a different place. Except maybe every now and then with a sunset or ladybug (i.e. how Daddy sends love to us), you can cross over and get your love sent here too. You both nodded, wide-eyed:)

Then, at bed time after we had both been loving and doting on each other, you said with a worried look, “And mommy… sometimes I can’t feel your love or anything. Like when you leave my room and stop holding my hand, I don’t feel love anymore. Or like when I’m not holding something in my hand, I can’t feel it. So when I’m alone or my eyes are closed, I don’t feel anything.” You looked very concerned about this, so I explained that “feelings” are not the same as “feeling” something with your hand or body. Feelings happen inside and nobody can see them. No one can SEE the feeling of being sad or excited or loved or hurt. Your body may show it in some ways, like tears or dancing feet or hugs or frowns, but no one can actually see the feeling of love, etc. Then I told you that you are OK. Bud, I always want you to remember that. You ARE OK. Just the way you are–feelings or no feelings, good or bad, right or wrong–you are loved, you belong, and you are enough. I said, “I want you to know 2 things. 1. You have invisible Love Strings coming in and out of your heart to the people who love you that you can’t see. Whether you feel them or not, they’re always there. So if you don’t feel love or you are sad or you want to remember love, think about me and your sister and your uncles and grandma and aunts and all the people who love you and all the kind words they say to you and about you and remember what is true. 2. When you feel that way, that is a great time to go to your “happy place” (last night we just started the imagery exercise where you imagine your guardian beings loving you and surrounding you with safety and peace then you identify your color, object, sound, and smell in that moment). You smiled and said, “Ok.” and rolled over and fell asleep.

God, I freaking LOVE you. Your mind is like a grown, enlightened guru and you’re freaking 7! I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the way I parent you or if this is just the way you came out! I have a feeling it’s a little of both, but mostly the latter. You make me so f’ing proud–the way you use words, think about yourself, and look for more wisdom about the world. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Love you forever and always, Mighty Man! (whether you feel it or not;)

Xo, Mommy

The Magical Lifeline for the Dark Days: Gratitude

The Magical Lifeline for the Dark Days: Gratitude

If the pain you experience robs you of joy, it will be the practice of gratitude that returns it.

When connection is severed. Heartache, palpable. Grief, asphyxiating. Fear, consuming. Regret, crippling. Existence, a black hole.

Gratitude will be the way by which you find you are powerful again. Every moment spent in thanks, another stepping stone out of the hollow is laid.

Each of us has dark moments, demonic sides, shame stories, and fears so powerful we spend our whole lives avoiding a complete thought about them in hopes it keeps them from happening.

For those of us who have experienced “worst case scenario” (sometimes more than once), the hollow only deepens. We know the cruel edges of life’s bitter, wicked truth.

So, how do we keep living? What will pull us from the shadows and into the light of loving again, believing for good, hoping once again, finding peace?


There is more power in gratefulness than a thousand logical reasonings. When you position yourself to look for things to be thankful for, you not only shift your focus, you change your energy and the direction of your intention.

Practicing gratitude adjusts core beliefs, bypassing the body, the mind, the heart. Gratitude shakes your soul and the result is a shift in energy, perspective, and beliefs about yourself and the world you live in.

Radical gratitude can be as powerful as being in love, achieving a lifelong goal, or overcoming a difficult challenge–only you have ALL the power and it only takes SECONDS to accomplish.

A powerless human is a susceptible human. Lacking power will leave you vulnerable to experiencing emotional beatings, a lifetime of regret, and agonizing restlessness.

If you need power, control, direction, vision, advice, answers… start practicing gratitude.

Every morning and before you close your eyes to sleep at night, think of three things you’re grateful for. Keep a gratitude journal. Set reminders on your phone. Be purposeful. Follow through. And keep doing it.

Brick by brick, step by step, you’ll see you had every bit of strength you needed to pull yourself out of the hollow threatening to swallow you up right there inside of you all along.

There. You have a new tool when storms roll in. Let the black clouds of pain be your new cue: time to GO GRATEFUL.

Keep breathing, beautiful people. You’re worth every bit of beauty and goodness life can offer just because you’re alive.

I’m thankful for your life and mine today.



Let’s Talk About HEALTH, Baby

Let’s Talk About HEALTH, Baby

“What do you eat everyday?”

People ask me this all the time. And the short answer, “I eat out of the fridge.” I stay clear of the pantry (no cereal, chips, bread, granola, bars, etc.). This is much more extreme and painful and horrific than that statement conveys. Because chips are my life.

But chips (and alcohol) diabolically prevent me from achieving the post-ten pound baby tummy tightness I enjoy. So, five days out of the week, I refuse them… and choose what’s best for the BEST me (Ok, ok, I don’t JUST restrain for the hope of washboard abs, chips obviously aren’t contributing to my health in any manner either).

My health choices aren’t just about restricting the bad and forcing down the good. What drives my breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink, and snack decisions comes down to two things: my ability to operate at 100% as often as possible AND consciously fighting disease.

Did you know your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system? Um, that’s a lot. Which means it’s pretty damn important what you let into your gut. Not to mention the indisputable connection between your gut and your brain health. Do a little research on it, you won’t regret the mind-blowing facts you gather. And, let’s face it, when it comes to health, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Let simple facts and tips be the fuel for burning your old unhealthy habits.

Our bodies are not our enemies. This is especially important for women… in America. Size, shape, skin–they all have one purpose: to carry us from one life experience to another. Our bodies are our vessels, transporting us from–and allowing us to be–present in one moment to the next. This is so important to understand.

We weren’t given these bodies to pick apart, criticize, compare, or curse. They are a gift to us so that we can LIVE and enjoy every adventure and dream we can imagine.

But… most of us don’t see it that way. Society tells us a different story from a very young age, conditioning us to want to look like “the ideal” picture of “beautiful”. You know what’s really sexy? A fully functioning, healthy, strong, capable body that is built for endurance, equipped with stamina, and operating on all cylinders.

Sometimes that seems impossible because of injury, disability, disease or… pregnancy. But the truth is, wherever you are, in whatever way your body presents itself today, there is a maximum potential. It may not look the same as your best friend or the Instagram models or your trainer at the gym… but that’s so irrelevant it’s not even worth the energy you spend considering it. You don’t share the same personality or parents or personal experiences as those people, so why on earth would you share your body’s max potential with them either? YOU WOULDN’T. So stop trying to fit the same mold as them.

This should feel absolutely liberating and equally challenging. You get to be YOU through and through without apology–YAY! And it’s time to find out what your edges are–what is your greatest limit and sharpest edge? If you don’t know, it’s time to PLAY!

What does 100% look like for you? How do you sleep? Are you hydrated? How does your body like to move–lifting weights, practicing yoga, hiking, running, climbing, sports? What language does your body speak and how often are you talking to it?

Just like everything else, health starts with connection. If you’re not in love with your body, it’s time to talk about where you’re disconnected. Get curious. Contemplate. Journal. Reflect.

Start small. Set achievable goals and slay them. Every slayed goal will build your confidence and carry you into conquering your next goal.

No matter where you’re beginning, find the next right step.

Cut soda and fast food. Drink water. Increase real food (fruit, veggies, organic meat). Make green smoothies. Start transitioning to organic: produce and meats first, then pantry items and spices.

Take a walk today. Do some push-ups. Hire a trainer. Learn about proper form, different movements, and new ways to exercise. Find out what activities are fun for you and start there. Do you like sports or swimming, rock climbing or canoeing? Find a beginning point and let your body lead you to the next step. Pay attention. Listen. Follow.

Eight years ago, when my daughter was almost one, I started making green smoothies. Since that first healthy choice, I’ve slowly incorporated new habits one by one–from holistic remedies to non-toxic household products–my kids and I are super munchie-granola-hippie humans now and our energy levels show it!

So, without further delay, the scoop you’ve all been *anxiously* awaiting, here’s what a normal day of eating looks like for me:

I mostly drink water and herbal tea only on the daily, and everything listed below is organic.

Morning (usually around 9am or 10am, I wake up between 6-7am): herbal tea with marine collagen, vitamin d3, probiotic, b-12 and a superfood green smoothie. Depending on my schedule and workout for the day, I may or may not have some eggs (with turmeric) and sweet potatoes.

“Feasting time” (usually from 1pm-7pm, I go to bed between 10-11pm):

LUNCH: hummus and veggies (zucchini, squash, peppers, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes), homemade chicken salad, leftovers from dinner.

SNACK: fruit, nuts, frozen fruit, homemade kale chips, cooked veggies, smoothie.

DINNER: hamburgers (bunless), spaghetti (gluten-free or zuch noodles), stir fry, pizza (homemade, gluten-free or cauliflower crust), homemade soups, chili, chicken pot pie, etc.

There are reasons why I mostly don’t consume grains or oats, sugar or processed foods, caffeine or gluten. I have learned (after doing the Whole30 cleanse… for a whole 11 days–I never claimed to be an overachiever) that my body operates best with little or no cow’s dairy, gluten, grains, sweets, etc. When you take responsibility for your body and your own health, you get to learn what fuels you into your maximum potential and how certain foods will slow you down, cause you pain, or hinder you from your reaching your best.

What’s your next right step? How will you connect a little deeper with your body today?

May you discover yourself in all your exquisite glory and learn how to fully embrace every part of you, one step at a time.

Live well, my friends.



This Will Teach The Next Gen How To Level-UP

This Will Teach The Next Gen How To Level-UP

Ever think, “Kids these days are such… brats, left to their own devices, disrespectful, lacking character, etc.”? Probably.

It’s a normal part of adulthood–looking on the next generation with a head shake and a genuine concern for the grim future our society is shaping up to be.

Where did we go wrong? What can we do to fix it? CAN we fix anything or is it too late?

Well, it’s NEVER too late and I have the perfect starting point for those of us who have a radar for future generations and it’s going to blow your mind.

Practice honesty.

It seems ridiculously simple, and it is! But it’s also very dynamic in essence.

See, what a commitment to honesty does is it requires you to level-up (i.e. connect with yourself to find the root honesty in every situation in your life, uncover the bravery that has perhaps been lying dormant in your soul, act above what you’ve seen growing up by approaching others with respect and love even when it’s uncomfortable, as well as, face conflict, resolve fears, make eye contact, and so many other pure gold character building actions).

If you decide to be honest in all areas of your life, you’re going to automatically position yourself to do the work it requires to be someone of high quality integrity, therein ushering yourself into a new sector of socialization–one where respect and individualism are esteemed and small-time behaviors fall flat (like cowardice, avoidance, overthinking, codependence, etc).

Ugh. I know, whhhy would anyone sign up for that?! Ignorance is bliss, right? I mean, this honesty stuff is the kind of character that haunts you in your dreams when you’re sitting dormant on an issue of your worth or pecks you like a relentless ticking when you are happily avoiding what you know is the best (but hardest) choice for YOU (be it a conversation, job transfer, decluttering project, diet change, etc). Who needs that kind of resistance in their life anyway?

Integrity. What a buzz kill.


Maybe it’s actually the littlest doorway you’ve ever seen in your life, but it happens to lead straight to the honeypot of fulfillment of all the wildest dreams and heart-racing desires you’ve ever had since you could even dream up magic? Maybe that doorway to the “promised land”, the “good life”, the “other side” was so tiny in its simplicity, you almost fucking missed it (but luckily this chick wrote a thing about it on social media and you happened to read it from start to finish and it kind of actually messed with your overtly typical, uninspiring, perfectly mediocre way of life).

Maybe that’s what honesty will do to you. It’ll fuck everything up… all the things that were ruining your dreams and keeping you blinded, quietly content living below your potential.

I will tell you this: it takes a good dose of courage this kind of honesty experiment. And if you are one of the brave ones who accept the challenge, don’t fool yourself. Don’t you dare think this won’t hurt your ego or annihilate your reps and masks and personas and perfect images. If it doesn’t rock you down to the very cell of each foundational structure of your beliefs, attitudes, and habits… well, you’re not really living the honest life yet.

It may take a few turns around the wheel before it clicks–how to let honesty permeate every area of your life–so, just keep recalibrating and commit to the process again. The reward of your persistence will be like reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You’ll find yourself, your partner, your kids, your family, your friends, your work, your joy, your creativity, your inspiration… your soul.

Don’t take my word for it. Do it and see for yourself.





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